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"Now overcast days never turned me on, but somethin'
'bout the clouds and her mixed..."  -  Prince
March 25, 2012
It was a dreary day on Sunday, so during a break from shooting the Indie Web Series, "Brooklyn Is In Love", actress Miranda McCauley left the Big Apple for a day trip out to the salon in New Jersey, accompanied by her producer and friend, Danielle Earle.  Miranda needed her hair done, and she was kind enough to indulge me in my favorite hobby - photography. 
We started out at the salon by coloring Miranda's hair a gorgeous Copper Mahogany using, of course, Pravana Chromasilk Haircolor.  The rich pigmentation in Pravana's color enabled us to achieve a bold, radiant look without appearing excessive or over-the-top.  This color choice compliments her creamy skin tones perfectly.
Miranda is letting her hair grow, so after trimming her ends slightly, I applied a Snob Girls Bodydense Bio-Serum to her hair and sprayed the roots (on top and crown) with Your Highness Root Boost, then dried her hair about 70%, leaving it slightly damp, then set her in large and medium Velcro rollers, allowing it to dry while doing her makeup.
Although Miranda's look was soft and fresh for her last photoshoot we did together, this time I had a specific look and location in mind.  On my property, near my home, there is a patch of Periwinkle that is in full bloom, so I wanted to take advantage of the flowers and the overcast weather, which is sometimes really great for outdoor photos, although I did end up using an umbrella light and a spot for the garden shots.
So with that location and those shots in mind, I began creating a bright, eye-popping color scheme for Miranda's makeup, hoping to pick up the color of the Periwinkle in her eye makeup, and I wanted her lips to be bold, yet soft and sensual.
I will post a step-by-step runthrough of everything I used during her makeup application below the photos.
After finishing Miranda's makeup application, we removed the rollers, brushed her out, teased the top a bit and sprayed her lightly with TIGI Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray for a workable hold.
I have a large piece of property where I live, with a beautiful babbling brook running throught the back acre, so we trecked over to my house and through the woods to get to our first location.  Miranda was a total sport about it, even though we had to walk through some mud to get there.  I warned her this shoot would be an adventure!
Working with Miranda is always a pleasure, not just because she's funny and a blast to be with, but because she has a modeling background and knows how to pose for the camera.  And as you can see, the camera loves her!  To see larger images of any of the photos below, check out our Facebook photo album, and give us a "Like" while you're there!

We were able to capture several great looks with Miranda in the photos above, as I said, she's a total professional in front of the camera and can strike a pose faster than Madonna.
After taking advantage of the little bit of late afternoon sunlight peeking through the overcast sky, we left the woods and headed to our next location, the Periwinkle patch.  We were losing daylight at this point, and it was getting chilly, but Miranda is a trooper and agreed to lay down in the cold, damp Periwinkle to get what I think were the best shots of the day.  Here's what we were able to get, I hope you like!

How I achieved Miranda's look in the photos above and below....
We used only TIGI Cometics for this makeover. I began by applying TIGI Mineral Tint in Cameo Glow, followed by a light dusting of Powder Foundation in Shi Shi. For her eyeliner, I used Perfect Eyeliner in Black on her top and bottom lash lines. I used both the wax and powder in the Brunette Brow Sculpting Duo (applied with an Angle Brush) to create more definition and to extend the outer line of her brows further. 
For her eyes I used the purple in the Posh High Density Eyeshadow Quad in her crease below her brow bone almost to the innner corner of her eye and pulled it heavily outward to her outer corner, and I used the turquoise in the Lush High Density Eyeshadow Quad on Miranda's eyelids about two thirds out from the inner corner (both applied with Shading Brush), then with a Blending Brush I applied the silver in the Last Call High Density Eyeshadow Quad on her browbone up to her eyebrows and pulled it all te down to the inner corner of her eyes, then I lightly blended the silver over her entire lid to soften the line of demarcation between the 3 colors.  o blend colors, and added a bit of the dark gold under the green eyeliner on her lower lash lid. Her lashes were lengthened with TIGI Lash Love Black Mascara.
Using a Powder Brush, I lightly applied Brilliance Glow Blush to the apples of Miranda's cheeks, then applied a light dusting to her cheekbones, forehead, temples, nose and chin. I finished her look by lining her lips with TIGI Perfect Lipliner in Couture, then with a with a Lip Brush I applied Decadent Lipstick in Finesse, followed by  Luxe Lipgloss in Superstar.
Check out our MAKEUP 101 section for helpful makeup tips and lessons.
For the final shots of the day we went indoors to shoot some softer, more sultry photos of Miranda, so we needed to make some quick changes to her makeup.  I removed only the eyeshadow from her eyes by dampening a sponge with a small amount of Refine√© Nourishing Daily Cleanser, and did the same with her lips.
I re-applied Miranda's eyeshadow using High Density Eyeshadow Singles in the same manner as before, this time using Chocolate in her crease, Natural on her lids, and Vanilla for her brow bone and blending.  Then I applied TIGI Bronzer (right over the Brilliance Glow Blush) to her cheeks, chin, nose, forehead and temples.  I finished by applying Espresso Perfect Lipliner to her whole lip, went over it with Decadent Lipstick in Power, and ended with a light coating of Luxe Lipgloss in Your Highness.  I also very lightly dusted her lower lip with the Vanilla Eyeshadow, as well.  The result speaks for itself, and can be seen in the final photos below.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Miranda McCauley for her time, her professionalism, and for always being willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot!  And a big thank you to producer Danielle Earle for taking the time out to accompany us on this shoot, with video camera always in hand!  The most repeated phrase of the day:  "Danielle, are you filming this?"  
Looking forward to my next adventure with this amazing star on the rise!  Stay tuned, there will be more photo shoots together in our future.  
All the best,