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The Circus Head Photoshoot
For the cover of her much-anticipated new EP, Circus Head, Charlotte Sometimes wanted some really incredible artwork for the cover and for promotional material.  So she turned to her long-time friend and supporter, photographer Carl Timpone.  As you may know, Carl has done the artwork for Charlotte's last three EP's, and is, among other things, one of my idols.  His talent goes far and beyond anyone I've ever known of, let alone worked with.
Carl came up with the concept for Circus Head's artwork, Kara Hoblin compiled the wardrobe, and together (with the help of Carl's crew) designed and built the sets for the shoot in his new Studio in Riverhead, Long Island.
The idea was to shoot Charlotte as herself, and as three different circus-inspired characters.  Each character would be shot individually in their own set, then shoot all four for a composite shot, which would be used as the album cover.
My job would be to come up with the hair and makeup looks for each of the characters, which included:  Charlotte as herself, The Ring Master, The Fortuneteller, and The Firebreather.
The photos below are the end result of a 12-hour shoot and Carl's incredible ability to create not just photos, but works of art.  I hope you enjoy the photos, and buy Charlotte Sometimes' EP, Circus Head, when it is released this fall!

Check out this behind the scenes video from the Circus Head photoshoot!


Charlotte Sometimes 

Ring Master