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John Feiffer from Aquarian Weekly may have said it best when he wrote:
"[Charlotte Sometimes] is not a standard singer... She doesn’t sound like the blonde stable of radio fodder out there right now. It’s a refreshing and offbeat style that holds court with the very few influential singers I listed earlier. So, after several listens to The Wait and seeing her live, her voice, like black Sambuca, just becomes an acquired and delicious taste. You could put her up against anyone on the charts today and she would excel. If learning to write is half the battle, my prediction would be getting to that chartable position is next for Charlotte Sometimes."
Charlotte Sometimes hails from Wall, New Jersey, one of our beautiful shore towns on our eastern coast.  From a young age, Charlotte showed an impressive talent for singing and writing original music on her guitar.  She began playing local coffee shops and was soon noticed and signed by Geffen Records, which led to the release of her first studio album "Waves and the Both of Us".  Her single "How I Could Just Kill a Man" was crafted into an interesting music video, and quickly reached #14 on VH1's Top 20 Video Countdown.
So if Charlotte Sometimes looks and sounds familiar to you, it's probably because you saw her all over VH1 in 2008!  She also became a VH1 Artist You Oughta Know, and was featured many times over the course of 2008 during the run of her video.



Although her video and accompanying album did well, due to management issues her contract with Geffen ended, much to the disappointment of her thousands of fans worldwide. 
After the Geffen fiasco, during a somewhat darker period in her life, Charlotte continued to write music and soon put together an independent album called "Sideways".  Sideways was a distinct departure from her previous CD; she left behind the pop/dance beats of "Waves and the Both of Us" for a more folk/rock sound, and reflected soulfully about her experiences of the prior two years through her lyrics and music. 
Sideways was originally released as a free downloadable album to keep her fans appetites whet, but was eventually released on iTunes and sold thousands of copies with no advertising or promotions at all, a sign that her fanbase was not only still there, but growing.
In the winter of 2011, Charlotte began composing and recording her second independent album, which she titled "The Wait".  Charlotte and I met in the summer of 2010 and became friends, so I was fortunate enough to be asked to work on her video teaser and press photos for this album.  You can read about the experience in our Behind the Scenes with Charlotte Sometimes: The Wait page.  In the midst of planning the release of The Wait, Charlotte was contacted by NBC's The Voice and was asked to come in for an audition to be on the show.  After several preliminary auditions, she was chosen to leave New York (where she was living at the time) and go to Hollywood for The Voice: Season 2 Blind Auditions.  One of the best things about The Voice is that the producers, in their search for truly talented artists, are willing to give folks like Charlotte Sometimes a second chance, which in this case is well deserved. 
So with cautious optimism, Charlotte flew to the Golden Coast to perform in front of Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo and Blake Shelton, and prayed that at least ONE of them would hear her, understand her voice, and turn their chair around.  

As you can see from her performance, her prayers were answered - four times over!
Charlotte belted out her own stylized version of One Republic's "Apologize" prompting the audience (and America) to go wild.  After much applause and praise from the Coaches, Charlotte chose Blake to be her guiding force through the rest of the competition.

Next stop: The Battlerounds! But first...

A week before her battleround aired, Charlotte did a press tour for The Voice in NYC with fellow contestants Tony Vincent and Jermaine Paul, and I the priviledge of tagging along to do her hair, touch up her makeup.  Plus, she just likes having me around.  ;-)



The limo picked us up at 6am, so it was an early day since they wanted Charlotte "camera ready" when the car arrived.  We arrived at NBC studios in New York around 8am to meet Tony Vincent and Jermaine Paul for their first interview on the Today show with Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker.
After a little primping in the green room, Charlotte and the rest of The Voice trio were ready to go.
P.S.  George Takei walked into the green room, and I almost died.  First time I've ever been starstruck!  He's my hero!!

From there it was on to TV Guide for an informal sit-down interview, brunch at the Dream Hotel where the trio made a certain waitress a very happy girl, then to People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly for video interviews. 
After that we headed over to 53rd Street to do a segment for EXTRA with AJ Calloway, which has yet to air.
The photo to your right was taken at the Time Life Building and includes (from left to right) Tony Vincent, me (Jeffrey), Charlotte Sometimes, Jermaine Paul and wife Melissa.
Our final stop of the day before heading home was NY Live, back at NBC Studios.  You can watch that interview below.

View more videos at:

The Battleround!
For Charlotte's Battleround on The Voice, her coach Blake Shelton decided to pair her up with another female vocalist, singer Lex Land.  Charlotte's mentor was Kelly Clarkson, who prepared her for her battle with Lex, while Lex got advice from Blake's wife, Miranda Lambert.  Blake chose the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People as the tune they would do as a duet to see whose voice would capture the heart of their coach and move them on into the live rounds.
Only one can move forward to the live rounds.  Which one will it be?
Here's a few pics from the Battleround party at the home of a friend of Charlotte's parents.
Above: Charlotte with friends and family watching her Battleround on The Voice!
Right:  Charlotte, myself (Jeff), and Charlotte's brother Josh!
Yours truly will be heading out to LA for the live rounds on The Voice, so check back soon for some behind-the-scenes pics and info!!